My purpose is…

To live in the Truth,

To be a friend first


To serve graciously.


©2018 Lisa H Harrington

Lisa H. Harrington

MY VISION:  Better Leaders.  Better World.

MY VALUES:  Truth, Friendship, Service, Gratefulness 

MY MISSION:  To help leaders deliver better results by increasing their understanding of the human equation.

My system is designed for business executives who need to deliver better results. I am a Strategic Coach & Brand Strategist who can guide you through your own illusions & realities. Unlike others, I help you work within your own innate talent to be a better leader, allowing you to create a better world around you. #BeBetter

Lisa is a seasoned veteran in all things related to helping any business succeed & grow. She’s held positions as CEO, COO, CMO & VP and more. Specific areas of experience include: management and operations, sales compensation, sales process & training, quality control, workflow and organizational alignment, E & O audits, change management, strategic planning, vision mapping, corporate alignment to strategy, culture change, customer service training, executive coaching, Best Practices processes and procedures (certified by IIABA for training), personnel issues, and perpetuation planning. She has direct experience managing the independent agency and many years as a consultant to the insurance field. She has earned eight certifications: CPCU, CAM, CRIS, CAE, AAM, AAI, AIAM, and AIP.

She started Sapphire Enterprises LLC (DBA Lisa H Harrington LLC) in 2009 so she could help more people grow and succeed, providing keynote presentations, consulting & training in leadership, sales, change management and more. Lisa believes that “Better leaders create a better world!”

With over 30 years’ experience in management, she’s spent many years in the C-suite. Additionally her work as an educator, writer/editor, underwriter, sales agent, field rep, and operations manager have all led to the love of consulting. She holds a B.A. degree in Management and Spanish from Ball State University.

Ms. Harrington resides in Southlake, Texas with her husband and many four-legged loved ones.

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