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Author of Taking In Strays: Leadership Lessons From Unexpected Places

This is not like any other business book you’ve read. Learn from Lisa’s experiences with her rescue animals as you read their stories and hear Lisa share the analogy of leadership qualities that will help you be a better leader. 

The premise of Ms. Harrington’s work is to help businesses lay a solid foundation for their organizations. Managing leadership, sales and structure can be done in such a way that profitability, fun, and professionalism coexist peacefully. 

As a Keynote Speaker, Lisa can draw upon the topics in her book, or from her decades of experience as an executive in operations, sales & management in both for profit and non-profit organizations. Her three decades as a leader and manager have provided many hands on experiences and stories that will relate to your audience in all walks of life. (Below is a partial list of the topics available today!)


• Vision Mapping

• Strategic Planning and Growth Management

• Management and Operations

• Troubleshooting for Frustrated Managers

• Employee Evaluation and Placement

• Growth Management

• Culture Shift and Progress Management

• Practical Leadership and Workflow Management

• Finding the Perfect Employee

• Orientation, Training and Retention: On the Run!

• Elements of Good Negotiations


• Objections Can Help You Close

• Prospecting in the New Century

• Build Your Closing Tool Kit

• Consultative Relationships

• Prospecting by the Numbers

• The Ideal Sale

• Seven Steps to Success

• Marketing for Successful Deals

• Presentation Basics

• Business Etiquette

• Close or Not to Close

• Conflict and Politics of Sales and Leadership

• Team Work for Closing Large Accounts


• The Customer Rules

• Understanding Consumer Needs

• Best Practice Basics of Customer Service

• Negotiating Conflict with Customers

• Leadership for Everyone

• Ethical Customer Service

• Attitudes and Opportunities

• Time Management

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