LHH Management Consulting


Where Are Your Bottlenecks?

  • Change Management

Change doesn’t have to be hard. Lisa can help you with approach, messaging and facilitated meetings to design your plan, modernize or update company structure.

  • Operational Insurance E&O Audits

In conjunction with Swiss RE and Eric Moberg, we can handle your E&O audits to get you the discount you deserve on your professional liability policy. (This applies to independent insurance agencies only.)

  • Workflow Improvement

Operational factors can derail a business if not carefully managed. You may need an objective audit of your processes and systems to see where the bottlenecks live. It starts with a simple interview to evaluate People, Process & Profit. Once we diagnose the issues you have, we can work together to find the best solution to bring all the pieces together. Make it your best year ever!

Insurance Agents: Your E&O premium could be lower if you are insured at SWISS RE. Lisa is available for your E&O audits!

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